WELASE fiber

4" x 4" Fiber Galvo Laser Welase Fiber Engraving Machine

Engrave super-fast and precise 20 watt Fiber Laser with Galvo technology. Permanently mark many metals, plastics, and other materials in seconds.

  • Works on standard 120 volt standard current
  • Engraving Area3”D x 4.3W (110mm x 110mm)
  • Maximum Holding Capacity13D” x 8”W x 4”H (330mm x 203mm x 101mm)
  • Laser Machine Dimensions 7W x 22”D x 24”H (450mm x 560mm x 610mm) Laser Machine Weight: 82lbs (37kg)
  • Easy to use, high quality aluminum cast constructed chassis for the highest precision available in class & long life.
  • Onboard Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity.
  • Red diode target rectangle to easily position marks on items.
  • Excellent for Industrial, Jewelry & other applications that require deep engraving in metal.
  • Includes easy to use LaserStyle software.
  • CE Certification. Safe Laser operation with Safety Glass Viewing (no safety glasses required) and Auto Shut-Off if door opened while operating.
  • Lit Interior for easy viewing
  • 5X++ faster than Gantry Laser Systems
  • Extremely low maintenance. Mirrors & lenses easy access for easy cleaning

Designed and manufactured by Gravotech the world leader in engraving since 1938.

*Availability may change without notice, due to in-process orders. Special pricing is first come, first serve and limited to on-hand quantities.


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